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Steve Unruhe is running for the at-large seat on the School Board. This means that he is on every ballot in Durham.

Please remember that March 3, 2020 is NOT a primary for school board - it is the final election. Your vote matters!

Dear friend,

I am running for the at-large seat on the Durham Public Schools Board of Education, and I am asking for your support.

I believe we can, and must, attract and keep excellent teachers and school administrators. This means we must pay well and we must create positive and rewarding working conditions. The job of the school board and central administration must begin with support for classrooms - this is where education happens.

I believe we can, and must, define clearly what we want our schools to achieve, celebrate when we reach those goals and improve when we fall short. This must encompass appropriate academic growth for every child, whether they are struggling to read, learning English as a second language, part of our Exceptional Children’s program, or academically gifted. It must also include the social skills that lay the groundwork for academic success, physical education and experiences in the arts.

I taught in Durham Public Schools for 29 years. I am married to Jennifer McGovern. Together we raised two girls who both graduated from Durham Public Schools. Throughout my career, I defended the work of our schools and fought to make our schools better.

I am retired from the classroom, but I have not retired from the work of education. I believe my teaching experience, and my record of leadership in the school, district and state, would enable me to make a significant contribution to Durham Public Schools.

The election date of March 3 will arrive quickly. Please help me to build a strong campaign in support of our schools.